Off-chain flow

The off-chain flow refers to the operations that occur outside the Aleo blockchain. These operations can either be initiated and completed off-chain or have their beginnings outside the Aleo ecosystem.

Origin of Credentials: Beyond the Aleo Ecosystem

While zPass provides the tools to generate and manage credentials on the Aleo blockchain, a credential might have an off-chain origin, like a government-issued passport or a university degree. Although produced outside of Aleo's specific programs, these documents can still play a role in zPass.

For instance, consider a passport. Issued by national authorities, passports aren't native to Aleo or any other blockchain system, yet their native signatures allow them to integrate into zPass. Here's how it works:

  1. Credential Creation (Off-Chain): A trusted entity, like a government agency, issues a passport with a native signature. This passport serves as a credential.

  2. Credential Integration: The Holder who possesses the credential can introduce this credential into the zPass system. Attributes within the passport, like date of birth or nationality, can be converted into a digital format suitable for Aleo's programs.

  3. Credential Verification: Once integrated, the Aleo program can execute and verify the credential's authenticity. This execution yields an output (often a boolean value) confirming the verification was successful coupled with a ZKP.

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