zPass docs

Technical Foundations

Core mechanics

The backbone of zPass relies on zero-knowledge proofs and, more specifically, zk-SNARKS. The shift to general-purpose zero-knowledge proofs ensures greater privacy and programmability than traditional identity verification systems. Aleo’s infrastructure is secure and scalable, providing a strong foundation for zPass.

Aleo and zero-knowledge proofs

zPass is powered by Aleo, a developer platform extending the capabilities of traditional blockchains using the concept of ZEXE.
Aleo’s role in privacy
Aleo’s infrastructure ensures three critical forms of privacy in zPass: private inputs, private outputs, and user privacy.

Aleo’s record model

  • Enables storage and encryption of user data while keeping it private in the user’s hands
  • Extends from Zcash’s UTXO model, allowing for complex privacy-preserving applications
  • Supports private inputs and outputs

Decentralized private computation

  • Control shifts from centralized databases to end users
  • Combines zero-knowledge proofs with off-chain execution for verifications that do not compromise data privacy
  • User identity stays private