zPass docs

System Participants


The Issuer is the trusted entity that issues credentials to substantiate identity claims. The information on a credential is important, but it only truly counts when it's backed up by a trusted authority.

Issuer → Credential → Claim

Local government Driver’s license Age
School Diploma Academic Degree
Financial bureau Credit report Credit score
Country Passport Nationality


The Holder is the subject of the claims, represented by attributes that exist within credentials. The ability to independently validate these credentials directly correlates with greater autonomy in controlling access to this information.

Attribute → Credential → Holder

Age Driver's License You
Academic Degree Diploma You
Credit score Credit Report You
Nationality Passport You


The Verifier offers a service and mandates that the user meets specific attribute requirements through credential verification. The focus is on authenticating user identity or claims to decide on service access.

Required Attribute → Verification Method → Verifier Service

Age Driver's License Check Verifier Service
Academic Degree Diploma Verification Verifier Service
Credit score Credit Report Review Verifier Service
Nationality Passport Scan Verifier Service