zPass docs

Powered by Aleo

zPass combines the capabilities of zero-knowledge proofs with the nuances of real-world identity, enabling secure interactions in the digital world. Using Aleo as its base, zPass makes digital identities more secure and private, easy to audit, and flexible to use— for both on-chain and off-chain workflows.

zPass infrastructure

Built on Aleo’s blockchain, zPass inherits the cryptographic capabilities of the ZEXE (Zero-Knowledge EXEcution Environment) model. What sets ZEXE (and therefore Aleo) apart is its innovative use of zero-knowledge proofs, combined with the ability to move execution off-chain.
Privacy through zero-knowledge proofs: Zero-knowledge proofs allow users to confirm that a transaction is valid without exposing any of the details behind it. This is crucial for maintaining user privacy in zPass.
Off-chain execution: Aleo allows users to execute complex programs offline and then submit a proof of this work to the blockchain. This reduces the load on the network, which in turn speeds up transactions on the network.
Fast verification: Aleo’s design allows these proofs to be quickly verified by third parties, making the process both fast and secure.